Vision of our mentorship programme-Learning by doing

Our Organisation

  • Design And Development Of Motor Racing Vehicle And There Components.
  • Industrial Product Optimization.
  • Manufacturing Of Motor Racing Components.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Workshops For Various Fields.
  • Mentorship Program For Engineering Students

Divisions of motor racing

  • Go- Karts
  • FSAE
  • Indy car
  • Dakar Rally
  • Moto GP
  • Formula SeriesM

Our 11 Step Mentorship Programme

  1. Laying Foundation of team
  2. Education of basic of race machine
  3. Virtual Fabrication and Formulation of in-depth plan of tangible manufacturing of machine.
  4. Training and Supervision of students during components and machine building process.
  5. Provision of period of freelance training and KYM time.
  6. Troubleshooting Exercise
  7. Final assembly
  8. Final testing of machine
  9. Consulting in presentation of formal participation activity
  10. Developement of team strategies
  11. Support in participation in Final event exercise

We make best Products

"We are a reliable manufacturer of High End Motor Racing Components for GO-KARTS , SAE-BAJA ,QUAD BIKE'S ,HYBRID TRIKE'S ,etc.There's plenty more for where It came!"